brown bar-ba-loots eating truffula fruits


In case you were wondering why we called our boat The Bar-ba-loot, this is a page from The Lorax, by the great Dr. Suess. Bar-ba-loots are not very sophisticated and probably not super smart…but they enjoy themselves and keep their tummies full of tasty truffula fruit. Unfortunately The Once-ler (who’s famous green arms are seen in the background driving the covered wagon) is coming into town.    -SD


2 Responses to brown bar-ba-loots eating truffula fruits

  1. Andy says:

    Hey, I named that thing! W.T.F? No credit? -ah

  2. sparkleysarah says:

    Yes, Andy Hamilton came up with the name. Thanks andy. Too bad all thats left for your new boat is truffula fruit.


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