Fall Dinghy Regatta Report

November 8, 2007

We had a tough time at the Fall Dinghy. Off the starting line everyone had better point and better speed than we did…and we were dust. In the first race we were able to pass the fat boys down wind, but right after the leeward mark their superior point and speed destroyed our meager gains.

Heres are some things I gleaned:

1. we needed more vang and more mast ram. Our vang has way too much friction and no feel. When uncleated it does not ease. We have removed a few laps of purchase and now have a 16:1 vang to try. Probably need a bit more purchase, but Ill try it.

2. All the tuning guides that we were reading online spoke of huge amounts of shroud tension. Everyone I spoke to said that you just pull on enough to keep some tension on the leeward shroud going upwind. Seems pretty simple.

3. We probably need to buy a high aspect jibing centerboard if we want to point.

4. Need to do something to make the spinnaker slide out easier.

5. Pete needs to keep the pole up until the kite is mostly down. (to keep it from going under the boat)

6. Don’t bother letting the shrouds off down wind.


pete and the bar-ba-loot go for a sail

October 19, 2007

Maiden Voyage on Sept 13, 2007


We finally finished assembling and installing our new rudder, figured out how to get everything rigged…and finished sailing moore 24s, Express 27s, Santana 22s, Wylie Wabbits, and Vanguard 15s. We launched the 505 and sailed out to the middle of the bay where many of our friends were busy racing big boats. It was blowing just hard enough to get Pete out on the wire but not hard enough to create any disasters. It was a perfect day.    -SD

brown bar-ba-loots eating truffula fruits

October 19, 2007


In case you were wondering why we called our boat The Bar-ba-loot, this is a page from The Lorax, by the great Dr. Suess. Bar-ba-loots are not very sophisticated and probably not super smart…but they enjoy themselves and keep their tummies full of tasty truffula fruit. Unfortunately The Once-ler (who’s famous green arms are seen in the background driving the covered wagon) is coming into town.    -SD